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Volume 6, Number 9 September 1975


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lomestic price to cover mailing. To avoid delays, send a separate order for each title requested, and include full title, price, and GPO catalog number.

Index Medicus: Published monthly as a bibliographic listing of references to current articles from approximately 2,250 of the world’s biomedical journals. Included are subject and author sec- tions and a separate Bibliography of Medical Reviews. Medical Subject Headings is included as Part 2 of the January issue. Annual subscription: $173.05 ($216.35 foreign); single issues $13.75.

HE 20.3612:

Cumulated Index Medicus, 1973, Volume 14: A cumulation in eight volumes of the approximately 221,000 citations appearing in Index Medicus in 1973. Included are author and subject sections, Medical Subject Headings, List of Journals Indexed, and Bibliog- raphy of Medical Reviews. Price: $181.30 ($226.65 foreign).

HE 20.3612/3:14

Index Medicus: A monthly bibliography, based on arti- cles from 100 English-language journals, designed for the individual practitioner and libraries of small hospitals and clinics. Annual subscription: $31.35 ($39.20 foreign); single issues $2.65.

HE 20.3612/2:

Cumulated Abridged Index Medicus, 1974, Volume 5: A cumula- tion in one volume of the citations appearing in the monthly Abridged Index Medicus in 1974, Contains subject and author sec- tions. Price: $21.55 ($26.95 foreign). [1970 and 1971: $22.75 ($28.45 foreign); 1972: $21.60 ($26.40 foreign); 1973: $19.80 ($24.75 foreign ).] HE 20.3612/2-2

Medical Subject Headings: Published as Part 2 of the January Index Medicus. The approximately 8,500 subject headings in the 1974 MeSH are arranged alphabetically, with cross references, and in categorized lists. (Included with subscription to Index Medicus, also available separately for $7.95 ($9.95 foreign).

HE 20.3612:15/1 pt 2

List of Journals Indexed in Index Medicus, 1975: Contains four listings of journals indexed: title, abbreviation, subject, and geo- graphical. Price: $2.65 ($3.30 foreign). HE 20.3612/4:975

National Library of Medicine Classification: A Scheme for the Shelf Arrangement of Books in the Field of Medicine and Its Related Sciences. Third Edition, 1964, with 1969 Supplement. PHS Pub. No. 1108, Reprinted 1969. Price: $3.25 ($4.10 foreign).

HE 20.3602:C56/969

Monthly Bibliography of Medical Reviews: A series designed to provide quick guidance to the latest reviews in the journal litera- ture of biomedicine. Each issue duplicates the material appearing in the Bibliography of Medical Reviews section of the correspond- ing monthly issue of Index Medicus. Annual subscription: $12.75 ($15.95 foreign); single issues $1.10. HE 20.3610:

Bibliography of Medical Reviews, 1966-70: A cumulation of cita- tions to reviews for the period 1966-70; subject index only. Price: $14.65 ($18.35 foreign). HE 20.3610/2:966-70

NLM Current Catalog: A bibliographic listing of citations to pub- lications cataloged by the Library. Issued in two forms: (a) quarterly (noncumulating, subject and name sections), (b) annual cumulation (subject and name sections). Prices: (a) 4 three-month cumulations (quarterlies)—$23.50 ($29.50 foreign), single issues $6.00; (b) annual cumulation (1973) $14.35 ($17.95 foreign); (1972) $18.75 ($21.90 foreign); (1971) $30.55 ($38.20 foreign).HE 20.3609:

NLM Current Catalog, 1965-70: An eight-volume cumulation representing NLM’s complete store of machine-readable cataloging through 1970, including a catalog of technical reports. Price: $71.75 ($80.00 foreign). HE 20.3609/3:965-70

Index to the Report of the Secretary’s Commission on Pesticides and Their Relationship to Environmental Health: designd to assist users in rapidly finding information in the Report of the Secretary's Commission in Pesticides and Their Relationship to Environmental Health (known as the “Mrak Report,” 1969, GPO, price: $3.00). Contains Chemical Substance Index, Subject Index, and Bibli- ography. 1972. Price: $2.96 ($3.65 foreign). HE 20,.3602:P43

Index of National song | of Medicine Serial Titles: Provides a key-word-out-of-context (KWOC) index to approximately 19,000 serial titles received by NLM. 1973. Price: (reprint edition) $14.00 ($17.50 foreign). HE 20.3618:972

Drug Interactions—An Annotated Bibliography with Selected Excerpts 1967-1970: designed to provide health professionals with quick access to reports from the world’s scientific literature on drug-drug and drug-chemical interactions. Casebound. 1824 pages. 1972. Price: $27.05 ($33.80 foreign).

HE 20.3614:D84/967-70/v. 1

Drug interactions, Volume 2, 1970-1971: Price $17.70 ($22.15 foreign). HE 20.3614:D84/967=70/v.2

Selected References on Environmental Quality as It Relates to Health: A monthly bibliography which provides a subject/author index to journal articles covering aspects of environmental pollu- tion that concern health. Annual subscription: $13.45 ($16.85 for- eign); single issues $1.15. HE 20.3616

Current Bibliography of Epidemiology: A monthly bibliography of articles concerning the etiology, epidemiology, prevention, and control of disease. Annual subscription: $35.60 ($44.50 foreign); single issues $3.00. HE 20.3617:

Current Bibliography of Epidemiology 1973; Volume 5: A cumula- tion of the 12 monthly issues of Cube for 1973. Casebound. Price: $20.80 ($26.00 foreign); 1972—$25.00 ($31.25 foreign).

HE 20.3617/2

Bibliography of the History of Medicine, No. 5 1964-1969: Cumulative volume, including Nos. 1-4 plus approximately 3,800 new citations. Casebound. 1972. Price: $18.65 ($23.35 foreign).

HE 20.3615:5

Bibliography of the History of Medicine, No. 6 1970: The sixth in a series of bibliographies of the history of medicine and related sciences, professions, and institutions. The bibliography contains approximately 3,200 citations. Price: $4.30 ($5.40 foreign).

HE 20.3615:6

Bibliography of the History of Medicine, No. 7, 1971: Price: $3.30 ($4.15 foreign). HE 20.3615:7

Bibliography of the History of Medicine, No. 8, 1972: Price: $4.40 ($5.50 foreign). HE 20.3615:8

International Bibliography of the History of Legal Medicine (1974): An annotated list of citations to published material on the history of legal medicine in the holdings of the National Library of Medicine and other sources. Price: $5.50 ($6.90 foreign).

HE 20.3614:M46

A Catalog of Sixteenth Century Printed Books in the National Library of Medicine: Over 4,800 rare sixteenth century printed volumes from NLM’s History of Medicine Division collection are listed. Some 1,500 printers and publishers and 188 different print- ing centers in 14 European countries are indexed in detail. Case- bound. 1967. 698 pages. Price: $5.25 ($6.60 foreign).

HE 20.3614:Si9

National Medical Audiovisual Center Catalog, 1974: A list of motion pictures available on loan from NMAC in Atlanta. Price: $3.05 ($3.80 foreign). HE 20.3608/4:974

MEDLARS: 1963-1967: Description of NLM’s computer-based Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (MEDLARS), emphasizing technical aspects of MEDLARS development. 76 pages with illustrations. PHS Pub. No. 1823. 1968. Price: $0.75 ($0.95 foreign). FS 2.202:M46/3

Toxicity Bibliography: A quarterly publication covering the ad- verse and toxic effects of drugs and chemicals reported in the approximately 2,200 journals indexed for Index Medicus. Annual subscription: $32.50 ($40.65 foreign); single issues $8.15.

HE 20.3613:

A Profile of the U.S. Public Health Service, 1798-1948. A case- bound, illustrated history of the U.S.P.H.S., written by Bess Furman Armstrong. 1973. Price: $7.80 ($9.75 foreign).

HE 20.3602:P96/798-948

ISSN 0001-3331

er seprembde|l 1975




Abridged Index medicus. v. 1- Jan. 1970- [Bethesda, Md., National Library of Medicine; for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U. S. Govt. Print. Off., Washington]

v. Proceded by Pilot issue dated Aug. 1969. Cosponsor: -~Medical Library Association. 1. Medicine - indexes - period. I. Index medicus. II. Medical Library Association. III. National Library of Medicine.

The Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare has determined that the publication of these periodicals is necessary in the transaction of the public business required by law of this Department. Use of funds for printing this periodical has been approved by the Director of the Office of Management and Budget through November 30, 1977.

DHEW Publication No. (NIH) 76-251



List of Journals Indexed

NLM Literature Searches


Author Section--- 105

NIM Publications Inside front cover


The Abridged Index Medicus is designed to afford rapid access to selected biomedical journal literature of immediate interest to the practicing physician.

Each issue contains citations from 100 English-language journals, representing a subset of one month’s input into the National Library of Medicine’s computer-based MEDLARS (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System). The selec- tion of the journals was made by the Library with guidance from a group of consultants consisting of physicians, medical editors, and medical librarians. Consideration was given to the quality of the journals, usefulness of journal content for the medical practictioner, and the need for providing coverage of all fields of clinical medicine. In some fields, where there are more high- quality journals than could be included in the bibliography, consideration was given to the availability of the journals to the American practitioner. In limiting the size of Abridged Index Medicus it was necessary to omit many excellent pub- lications. The list of journals indexed will be reviewed period- ically and is subject to change. On those occasions when a physician’s interests require a scanning of the literature that is not contained in the Abridged Index Medicus, he will, as before, turn to the full Index Medicus and to the numerous, other bibliographic sources.

Journal issues do not arrive at the National Library of Medicine with perfect regularity, nor is it possible to maintain a precise schedule for indexing. Therefore, a given month’s Abridged Index Medicus may contain citations to articles from more than one issue of a monthly journal, or a journal may not be covered in a given issue of AJM.


Input to MEDLARS begins with the indexing of journal articles. The content of each article is analyzed and described by a group of terms (subject headings) selected from Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), the National Library of Medicine’s authority list of technical terms. The bibliographic citations in Abridged Index Medicus appear under those subject headings. An acquaintance with MeSH (see publications list) will help the user of AIM determine which specific headings to consult.

When articles are indexed, the most specific term available in MeSH is used. Thus, if an article is concerned with erythro- mycin, it would be indexed under that term, rather than the broader “antibiotics.” Under the latter term, one would find only: (a) articles dealing with antibiotics generally, (b) those that deal in a very general way with a large number of named antibiotics, or (c) those that deal with specific antibiotics which have not been separately listed in MeSH.

The physician who is interested in one concept may find that the broader term is also worth examining for articles of possible interest. Although one may be interested primarily in antifungal antibiotics, articles on the general subject of anti- fungal agents may be useful.

The physician who wants articles on some aspect of the use of antibiotics in pediatric practice would certainly want not only general articles that would appear under “antibiotics,” but also those concerned with specific antibiotics.

Monthly issues of Abridged Index Medicus are arranged in two sections: Subject Section and Author Section.

Subject Section

Each article cited in AJM will be found under several sub- ject headings, which represent the central concepts of the article. The citation appears in full under each subject heading. Each citation contains the following élements, in order: title of article; first author (if more than one) or sole author; journal title abbreviation; volume number; inclusive pagination; and date of issue.


Tendon transfers to improve grasp after injuries of the cer- vical spinal cord. Freehafer AA, et al. J Bone Joint Surg [Am] 56:951-9, July 74

The above citation appears under four subject headings:




In the citations, under each of the subject headings, only the first author’s name appears. (For names of the second and third authors, refer to the Author Section.)

Journal titles are abbreviated; the full title may be found by reference to the abbreviation listing on the next page.

Author Section

References in the Author Section cite a maximum of three authors’ names; the title of the article; the journal title abbrevia- tion; volume number; inclusive pagination; date of issue. Example:

Freehafer AA, Vonhaam E, Allen V: Tendon transfers to improve grasp after injuries of the cervical spinal cord.

J Bone Joint Surg [Am] 56:951-9, July 74

Complete citations are printed only under the first author’s name; the second and third authors’ names are cross-referenced to the first author’s name.

Users of Abridged Index Medicus are invited to send com- ments and suggestions to:

Chief, Bibliographic Services Division National Library of Medicine

8600 Rockville Pike

Bethesda, Maryland 20014

Acta Medica Scandinavica

American Family Physician (Kansas City, Mo.)

American Heart Journal

American Journal of Cardiology

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

American Journal of Clinical Pathology

American Journal of Digestive Diseases

American Journal of Diseases of Children

American Journal of Human Genetics

American Journal of the Medical Sciences

American Journal of Medicine

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

American Journal of Ophthalmology

American Journal of Pathology

American Journal of Physical Medicine

American Journal of Psychiatry

American Journal of Public Health

American Journal of Roentgenology, Radium Therapy and Nuclear Medicine

American Journal of Surgery

American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (Baltimore)

American Review of Respiratory Disease



Annals of Internal Medicine

Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology

Annals of Surgery

Annals of Thoracic Surgery

Archives of Dermatology

Archives of Environmental Health

Archives of General Psychiatry

Archives of Internal Medicine

Archives of Neurology

Archives of Ophthalmology

Archives of Otolaryngology

Archives of Pathology

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Archives of Surgery

Arthritis and Rheumatism

Blood; Journal of Hematology

Brain; Journal of Neurology

British Heart Journal

British Journal of Radiology

British Journal of Surgery

British Medical Journal

Canadian Medical Association Journal



Circulation; Journal of the American Heart Association

‘Clinical Pediatrics (Philadelphia)

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Clinical Toxicology (New York)

DM: Disease-a-Month


List of 100 Titles for Abridged Index Medicus

Acta Med Scand Am Fam Physician Am Heart J

Am J Cardiol

Am J Clin Nutr Am J Clin Pathol Am J Dig Dis

Am J Dis Child

Am J Hum Genet Am J Med Sci

Am J Med

Am J Obstet Gynecol

Am J Ophthalmol

Am J Pathol

Am J Phys Med

Am J Psychiatry

Am J Public Health

Am J Roentgenol Radium Ther Nucl Med

Am J Surg Am J Trop Med Hyg

Am Rev Resp Dis Anesthesia Anesthesiology

Ann Intern Med

Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol

Ann Surg

Ann Thorac Surg Arch Dermatol

Arch Environ Health Arch Gen Psychiatry Arch Intern Med Arch Neurol

Arch Ophthalmol Arch Otolaryngol Arch Pathol

Arch Phys Med Rehabil

Arch Surg Arthritis Rheum Blood


Br Heart J

Br J Radiol

Br J Surg

Br Med J

Can Med Assoc J Cancer

Chest Circulation

Clin Pediatr (Phila) Clin Pharmacol Ther Clin Toxicol





Geriatrics (Minneapolis)


Health Services Research (Chicago)

Inquiry, Journal of Medical Care Organization Provision and Financing (Chicago)

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Journal of the American Dietetic Association

Journal of the American Medical Association

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery; American Volume

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery; British Volume

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Journal of Clinical Investigation

Journal of Clinical Pathology

Journal of Experimental Medicine

Journal of Gerontology

Journal of Immunology

Journal of Infectious Diseases

Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine

Journal of Laryngology and Otology

Journal of Medical Education

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

Journal of Neurosurgery

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the British Commonwealth

Journal of Oral Surgery

Journal of Pediatrics

Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Journal of Trauma

Journal of Urology


Medical Care (Philadelphia)

Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics

Medicine (Baltimore)

Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly (New York)

New England Journal of Medicine

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Physical Therapy, Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Postgraduate Medicine

Public Health Reports

Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases


Rheumatology and Physical Medicine

Southern Medical Journal


Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics

Endocrinology Gastroenterology Geriatrics


Health Serv Res


J Allergy J AM Diet Assoc JAMA

J Bone Joint Surg [Am] J Bone Joint Surg [Br] J Clin Endocrinol Metab

J Clin Invest

J Clin Pathol

J Exp Med

J Gerontol

J Immunol

J Infect Dis

J Invest Dermatol J Lab Clin Med

J Laryngol Otol J Med Educ J Nerv Ment Dis J Neurosurg J Obstet Gynaecol Br Commonw J Oral Surg J Pediatr J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg J Trauma J Urol Lancet Med Care Med Lett Drugs Ther Medicine (Baltimore) Milbank Mem Fund Q

N Engl J Med Obstet Gynecol Pediatrics Phys Ther

Plast Reconstr Surg Postgrad Med

Pub Health Rep Progr Cardiovasc Dis Radiology Rheumatol Phys Med South Med J


Surg Gynecol Obstet


These bibliographies are reprints of literature searches requested by individual physicians, scientists, and other health profes- sionals, and are considered to be of wide interest. Single copies may be ordered by number and title from NLM at no charge.

LS. No.



Acupuncture. January 1969-February 1972. (69 citations)

Programmed instruction in medicine and allied health professions. January 1969-February 1972. (129 citations) This ey is an up-dating of Literature Search no. 70-9.

Medical care in developing countries. (Supplement to LS 70-11) January 1970-April 19972. (400 citations)

oa January 1969-March 1972. (130 citations)

Medicine and health in China. January 1969- March 1972. (173 citations)

therapy for hyperkinetic children. January 1969-March 1972. (64 citations)

Sickle cell anemia—diagnosis, pathology, compli- cations and therapy. January 1969-April 1972. (339 citations)

Vitamin C and the common cold. January 196% April 1972 (25 citations)

Electrical safety and hazards in the hospital. Janu- ary 1969-March 1972. (102 citations)

Audio-visual aids in the teaching of medicine. Janu- ary 1969 through April 1972. (74 citations)

Audio-visual aids in the teaching of nursing. Janu- ary 1969 through April 1972. (46 citations)

Audio-visual aids in the teaching of dentistry. Janu- ary 1969 through April 1972. (52 citations)

Audio-visual aids in the teaching of allied health occupations. January 1969 through April 1972. (39 citations)

Sickle cell anemia epidemiologic, genetic, social, legal and ethical aspects. January 1969~May 1972. (116 citations)

Malnutrition and mental development in man. January 1969-June 1972. (56 citations)

Toxicity of intentional food additives. January 1969-June 1972. (264 citations)

Vasectomy—psychosocial aspects. January 1969- June 1972. (52 citations)

Medicine in Vietnam. January 1969-June 1972. (337 citations)

Geriatric dentistry. (Supplement to LS 70-47) December 1970—June 1972. 90 citations.

Forensic dentistry. January 1969-June 1972. 163 Citations.

Provision of health care to the poor in the United States. January 1969-June 1972. 162 citations. Lead poisoning in children. January 1969-—June

1972. 100 citations.

Diagnosis and therapy of gonorrhea. January 1969- June 1972. 189 citations in English.

Care and maintenance of laboratory animals. Janu- ary 1969-June 1972. 299 English language cita- tions.

Physical management of rheumatoid arthritis. Janu- ary 1969 through July 1972. 54 English language citations.

Mobile coronary care units. January 1969 through August 1972. 51 citations.

Helicopter ambulance service. January 1969 through August 1972. 19 citations.

Ambulance service. January 1969 through August 1972. 29 citations.

Tay-Sachs disease. January 1969 through August 1972. 98 citations.

LS. No.


72-31 72-32




Research and training support in medicine. January eens August 1972. 225 citations in

Plastics and phthalate esters. January 1969 through September 1972. 135 citations.

Health services for adolescents. January 1969 through January 1973. 274 citations in English.

Effects of noise on man (and animals). to Literature Search 12-68. J 1969 through September 1972. 214 citations in i

Sport medicine (Updates L.S. No. 70-41). August 1970 through October 1972. 312 citations in English.

Adverse effects of LSD (Updates Literature Search 24-68). January 1969 through October 1972. 154 citations in English.

Family preci coro January 1970 through November 1972. 4

Allergy to stings. January 1969 through 1 Me the 1972. 73 citations.

Prostaglandins in abortion and reprod

. January 1969 through Ha nes or tok 336 citations.

Day care for the elderly. Jan 1969 throu

ber 1972. 49 qnaions. ured "

Air pollution effects. With emphasis on npr sensitivity. January 1970 throug 3. $46 citations in English.

Human experimentation. January 1969 through January 1973. 220 citations.

Health maintenance organizations. January 1969 through January 1973. 229 citations in English.

Transplantation—Ethical, legal, and religious as- pects. January 1969 through January 1973. 201 citations in English.

Health indices in the United States. January 1969 through January 1973. 222 citations in English. Drugs in control of narcotic addiction Supplement o LS 71-17. July 1971 through February 1973.

245 citations.

Acupuncture. Supplement to LS 72-1. March 1972

through March 1973. 90 citations.

Hospital architecture. January 1970 through Feb- ruary 1973. 330 citations in Linglish.

Drug therapy of alcoholism. Supplement to LS 70-1. January 1970 through March 1973. 257 citations.

Psychotherapy in alcoholism. January 1970 through February 1973. 108 citations in English

Psychological aspects of cancer. January 1970 through March 1973. 126 citations in English. Neoplasm models. January 1970 through March 1973. 589 citations in English.

Psychopharmacology in geriatrics. Updates Litera- ture Search 70-15. April 1970 through May 1973. 258 citations.

Control of obesity by diet. Updates LS 70-16. April 1970 through May 1973. 159 citations.

Sudden unexpected death in infants. Updates LS 71- 14. April 1971 through June 1973. 108 citations.

Psychosurgery. January 1970 through May 1973. 99 citations.

Health aspects of prison populations. January 1970 through May 1973. 302 citations.

Cholelithiasis: etiology and drug therapy. January 1970 through July 1973. 147 citations.

oven. January 1970 through July

The microwave 1973. 37 citations.

devices. January 1970

of intrauterine ag ny 1973. 372 citations.

N subject headings, and classifications. January 1970 through July 1973. 511 citations. Rape. January 1970 through June 1973. 64 citations. Adverse effects or toxicity of implant materials. Jan-

uary 1970 through June 1973. 215 citations.

The hospital emergency room. through June 1973. 194 citations.

Lapesumenss sterilization. January 1970 through uly 1973. 80 citations.

Child abuse. J 1970 July 1973. 303 anuary through July

of common plants. January 1970 July 1973. 156 citations.

a a disease. January 1970 through July 1973.

Asbestos J 1970 July 1973. oa toxicity. January through July

Hypertension: diagnosis, occurrence and prevention (with emphasis on studies in the U.S.). January 1970 through July 1973. 216 citations in English.

Doping and sports. January 1970 through August 1973. 46 citations.

Herpesviruses and the etiology of mammalian tu- mors. January 1970 through August 1973. 182, citations.

Mental retardation: facilities, rehabilitation, serv- ices (with emphasis on the U.S.). January 1970 through August 1973. 253 citations in English.

Therapy of Enuresis with imipramine. January 1970 through September 1973. 57 citations.

Nutrition in burns. January 1970 through January 1974. 47 citations

Rehabilitation in spinal cord injuries. January 1970 through January 1974. 173 citations

Genetic counseling (updates L.S. 71-2). April 1971 through January 1974. 363 citations

Genetic intervention (with emphasis on ethical, legal and religious aspects of genetic control). January 1970 through January 1974. 123 citations

Acupuncture (Updates L.S. 73-9), April 19/3 through April 1974. 181 citations.

Audiovisual aids, and computer assisted and pro- grammed instruction in medical education. (Up-

} om L.S. 72-10), May 1972 through April 1974. 203 citations in English.

Send Requests to: Literature Search Program Reference Section National Library of Medicine 8600 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Maryland 20014

(Please do not send requests on interlibrary loan forms.)

The name and address of the requestor, t on a gummed label, must earch n i

January 1970

Audiovisual aids, and computer assisted and ip. instruction in nursing education ( dates but also includes citations from L.S. 72-11) January 1970 through April 1974. 116 citations in English.

Audiovisual aids, and computer assisted and pro- grammed instruction in allied health occupation education. (Updates L.S. 72-13). May 1972 through April 1974. 57 citations in English.

Audiovisual aids, and computer assisted and ad grammed instruction in dental education. (Up- dates L.S. 72-12). May 1972 through April 1974. 45 citations in English.

Nutrition in trauma. January 1970 through April 1974. 229 citations.

Intestinal bypass for morbid obesity. January 1970 through April 1974. 96 citations.

Breast asms in the male. January 1970 through May 1974. 124 citations.

Low birth weight infants. Causation, complications, development. January 1970 through April 1974. 510 citations in English, French, German.

Reaction to infant death by family and social and legal institutions. January 1970 through April 1974. 92 citations.

Malpractice. January 1970 through April 1974. 373 citations in English

Informed consent. January 1970 through April 1974. 272 citations.

PSROs (Professional Standards Review Organiza- tions) January 1970 through June 1974. 179 citations.

Therapy of Hyperactivity due to Minimal Brain Dysfunction.. January 1972 through June 1974. 167 citations.

Hyperactivity due to minimal brain dysfunction. (Includes all aspects except therapy. The latter is found in L.S. 74-18 Therapy of hyperactivity due to minimal brain dysfunction) January 1972 through June 1974. 256 citations.

Adverse effects of oral contraceptives. (Updates L.S. 70-2) January 1970 through June 1974. 943 cita- tions.

The B vitamins in pregnancy and oral contraception. January 1973 through June 1974. 171 citations.

Nutrition for the aged. (Includes nutritional de- ficiency states) January 1972 through June 1974. 211 citations in English.

Retinitis pigmentosa. January 1972—December 1974. 148 citations.

Acupuncture. (updates Literature Search 74-5). May 1974—December 1974. 174 citations.

Diethylstilbestrol and gynecologic neoplasms. January 1970 through December 1974. 80 citations.

Hypertension and smoking related to heart diseases. January 1972—December 1974. 261 citations in Eng- glish.

Psychological aspects of breast cancer. January 1970- December 1974. 44 citations in English.

Clinical control, reliability and standards in clinical laboratories. (Updates LS 71-25). November 1971- December 1974. 559 citations in English.


Subject Section


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